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Stripper Card Deck

in bicycle

Our price: $7.50

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This is by far my favorite trick deck of cards. You can hand these cards out and they appear to be normal cards, but they allow you to do a huge variety of tricks and give you amazing control over the cards. The stripper deck is easy to use but make it look like you have amazing skill. Have a spectator choose a choose a card at random and replace it in the deck. The deck is then fairly shuffled but you can immediately find it. Four ace are shuffled into the deck. Snap your fingers and the aces are on the top. Have a card selected and then to really mix up the deck by shuffling face up cards into face down cards. When you spread the cards they are suddenly all facing the right way again except the chosen card which is now the only face up card. There are so many tricks you can do with the stripper deck and it's so easy to use that you can literally make up tricks on the spot. Comes in bicycle stock and includes thorough, illustrated instructions by World Champion Magician, DARYL giving you all the details!