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Scotch and Soda Coins

U.S. Half and Mexican Coin

List price: $24.00

Our price: $19.99

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There are many effects you can perform with this versatile coin set. These coins are easy to use and do most of the work for you.

Two coins, a U.s. half dollar and a mexican coin are placed on top of a newspaper and then covered by an overturned drinking glass so the magician can't even touch the coins. The magician begins to move the glass in a circular motion while the coins can be clearly seen. The mexican coin slowly vanishes. The glass is lifted and only the half dollar remains. The magician lifts the newspaper and the mexican coin is seen to have penetrated through the newspaper. Everything can be examined.

Two coins are shown, a U.S. half dollar and a mexican coin. They are both placed in the spectator's hand and the hand is closed. The magician asks the spectator to place both hand behind their back and to put one coin in each hand. The spectator is then instructed to bring both closed hands forward and is asked if they have an idea of which coin is in which hand. This is where things get interesting. The magician makes a small bet (for a drink or a million billion dollars) that the spectator can't hand him the mexican coin first. Of course they can't because the the mexican coin has magically transformed into a U.S. quarter!

There are many more routines you can perform scotch and soda coins.