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the raven magic trick

The Raven

Visual Coin Vanish as seen on TV by David Blaine

Our price: $24.99

A great street magic effect the raven allows you to visually vanish a coin without sleight of hand. Place a coin on your hand or better yet on a spectators hand. Wave your hand over the the coin and is vanishes. Your hands are shown completely empty immediately after. No suspicious moves and no sleight of hand. The secret gimmick does all the work for you. You can even do it in short sleeves! This street magic trick was performed by David Blaine on his first magic special. You can also use the raven to change one coin into another or shrink it to a tiny coin.

You get full instructions with photographs that take you step by step through the performance. If you want to make a coin vanish with a simple wave of your hands without years of practice then this is the trick for you.

Kanye says, "I'm happy for ya and ima let you finish but the raven is one of the best coin tricks of all time."