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New Magic Tricks

Tarantula Magic Trick Levitation

The Tarantula by Yigal Mesika is a unique gimmick that shattered the conventional wisdom of what reels look like and accomplish. This stealth utility allows you to easily master levitation and animation for any situation. The Tarantula allows you to perform countless effects that have never been seen before.Watch Video


Disappearing Coin Trick (quarter)

Vanish a quarter without sleight of hand. Show a quarter at your finger tips. Place it on the palm of the other hand and rub your hands together. Open your hands and the coin has vanished. No suspicious moves. The hand are shown completely empty. Easy to do since the gimmick does all the work for you.Watch the Video


The Gecko by Jim Rosenbaum

Imagine vanishing virtually any item produced from a spectator’s pocket. The Gecko, a brilliant, virtually invisible device will allow you to do so with ease! Watch the Video


Branded by Trono DVD + Props

Imagine you ask someone to think of a playing card. You pinch a flame with your fingers and a burn blister magically morphs into the shape of their thought of card on your sizzling flesh. A very practical, easy, no-nonsense method that happens in the open, with nothing to hide! Watch the Video


Karnival Assassin Deck

LIMITED EDITION KARNIVAL ASSASSIN DECK - THE BICYCLE DECK HAS EVOLVED! Totally new back design, Ace Of Spades, Jokers and Tuckcase. This incredible new design for the Bicycle Deck was created by renowned French artist Sam Hayles.



Borrow any ring. Make it disappear. It instantly and safely reappears amongst your keys! Within minutes of watching the instructional DVD you will be adding Pro-Flite to your keys. The spectator can freely handle the gimmick. A practical 'Ring Flight' for real world, daily use. Watch the Video


Liquify by Richard Sanders

Someone concentrates on a thought. They imagine their glass of water as a crystal ball and focus their thoughts into it. Tearing a corner from a piece of paper, you ask them to dip the paper into the water. THEIR THOUGHT APPEARS ON THE PAPER! Nothing added to the paper. No chemicals or juice. Watch the Video