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Money Magic Tricks

Scotch and Soda Trick Coins

There are many magical effects you can perform with this versatile coin set. You can perform penetrations, changes, and vanishes. These special coins are easy to use and do most of the work for you. Watch the Video


One Hundred Bill Switch

What's a better use of your magical ability than changing a one dollar bill into a one hundred dollar bill? The magician takes a one and folds it several time. When he unfolds it the bill is now a $100 bill! The bill can be shown on all side and handed out. Even use this money magic trick to change currencies. Watch the Video


Disappearing Coin Trick (quarter)

Vanish a quarter without sleight of hand. Show a quarter at your finger tips. Place it on the palm of the other hand and rub your hands together. Open your hands and the coin has vanished. No suspicious moves. The hand are shown completely empty. Easy to do since the gimmick does all the work for you.Watch the Video


Pen Through Dollar Trick

Borrow a dollar bill and then stab a pen right through it. They can clearly see the pen pushed through the bill from all sides. Rip the bill down the center and hand the dollar back to them. Magically it's completely restored. This is amazing and easy to do. The pen can be examined before and after the trick. Street magic at it's best.


Folding Coin Bite Out Quarter

This special coin allows you to perform a variety of amazing tricks. Bite a quarter and you can see the bite marks on the coin. Spit the bitten off piece at the quarter and the coin is instantly restored as seen on TV by David Blaine. Or make a quarter penetrate a glass bottle and then magically remove the coin in the bottle.Watch Video


Dime and Penny Trick

A great coin trick you can carry in your pocket with objects everyone's familiar with. The included instructions explain 4 different tricks that can be performed with the Dime & Penny magic coins.


Raven Coin Trick Vanish

A great street magic effect perform by David Blaine, The Raven allows you to visually vanish a coin without sleight of hand. Place a coin on a spectators hand. Wave your hand over the the coin and is vanishes. Your hands are shown completely empty immediately after. The secret gimmick does the work for you.


Hundy 500 by Gregory Wilson

Change 5 one dollar bills into 5 One hundred dollar bills! Do you love the Hundred Dollar Bill Switch, but find the folding and unfolding process to be a bit slow and sluggish? Wait until you experience the Formula One speed of Gregory Wilson's Hundy 500! Watch the Video