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Mentalism Tricks

Invisible Deck (bicycle cards)

One of the greatest card/mentalism effects ever created! A spectator thinks of a playing card and when the deck is spread all the cards are face up except one face down card. They turn over the card and it's the one they were thinking of. The invisible deck truly seems impossible and blows people away.


Liquify by Richard Sanders

Someone concentrates on a thought. They imagine their glass of water as a crystal ball and focus their thoughts into it. Tearing a corner from a piece of paper, you ask them to dip the paper into the water. THEIR THOUGHT APPEARS ON THE PAPER! Nothing added to the paper. No chemicals or juice. Watch the Video


13 Steps to Mentalism

The "bible" for magicians interested in "Mental Magic" written by Tony Corinda. This book includes information on Swami Gimmicks, mental tricks with cards, slates, billets, clipboards, blindfolds, Q&A acts, mediumistic stunts etc.


Psychokinetic Silverware DVD

If you really could bend metal with your mind, PK Silverware is exactly how it would look. Watch as cold, hard steel melts like butter...bending, twisting, breaking and moving seemingly on its own. Tines on forks twist and spread apart like a blooming flower. Spoons move and bend in the spectator’s hand! Watch the Video


Micro Writer by Powell

The Micro Writer is perfect when you prefer an adhesive Boon-type nail writer for close-up or stage mentalism. You can perform mind boggling effects like revealing a thought of number or shape, predict the amount of change in someone's pocket, and much more!