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Liquify DVD

by Richard Sanders and Bill Abbott

Our price: $24.99

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Have someone concentrate on a thought.
Ask them to imagine their glass of water as a crystal ball and to focus their thoughts into it.
Tearing a corner from a piece of paper, you ask the spectator to dip the paper into the water.

Key Points:
Absolutely nothing is applied to the paper. (No chemicals, no lemon juice, nothing)

Absolutely nothing can be seen on the paper prior to the revelation.

The paper is completely examinable before, during and after the effect!

Liquify is a 60 minute training DVD that will guide you through every nuance of this devastating effect. Using a completely organic system, Liquify gives you the ability to transform ordinary paper into a supernatural phenomenon!

PLUS: A very special secret device that will allow you to perform LIQUIFY "ON THE FLY"...anywhere with only a moments notice.

Liquify is self working, there are no angle restrictions and it's always ready to go!

Start Liquifying your spectators today!

Richard Sanders and Bill Abbott - Automatic Mystery