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invisible deck

Invisible Deck

Mentalism Card Trick

Price: $7.50

One of the greatest card/mentalism effects ever created! Have a spectator place a box of cards in between their hands and think of any playing card. This is a completely free choice! Have them image the card in their mind and then see the card turn over in their mind. After they have done this have the spectator anounces the card they saw flip over in their head and the magician reminds them that the box of cards have been in their hands the entire time, even before they thoght of the card. The magician take the box and slowly and fairly removes the cards and begins to spread them out. All the cards are face up except one card which is face down. The magician continous to spread the cards until all have been shown face up except the unknown face down card in the middle of the deck. The spectator removes the face down card and turns it over to reveal it is the card they were thinking about in their mind. The invisible deck truly seems impossible and blows people away. There's a reason it's a classic. The deck comes in bicycle stock and is easy to perform since the deck is doing most of the work for you. This card trick was featured on David Blaine's street magic special.