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Featured Magic Tricks

Street Magic Set

The Street Magic Kit contains 10 amazing products that allows you to perform hundreds of effects. Save over $21 when you buy these tricks as a set over buying them individually. Makes a great gift!


Floating Card Trick

The flying card trick is one of the most powerful tricks you can perform. Borrow an ordinary playing card, credit card, or id card , give it a spin and it levitates. The card flies from hand to hand. You can make the card jump to your hand or float through a hoop. Make the spinning card fly all the way around your body! Watch the Video


Aquarius Cap in Bottle Trick

The cap from a bottle is removed and then penetrated through and into the bottle - permanently trapping the cap inside the bottle! The bottle may be painstakingly examined by the audience and given away as an unforgettable keepsake. Aquarius is the perfect anywhere magic trick with an everyday object. Watch the Video


Rising Card Deck

A card is selected by the spectator and then replaced into the deck. The magician then places the deck in a glass, the card box, or leans it against an object. The deck can even be held by the spectator. Mysteriously the chosen card begins to rise out of the deck on it's own. Easy to perform! Watch the Video


Scotch and Soda Trick Coins

There are many magical effects you can perform with this versatile coin set. You can perform penetrations, changes, and vanishes. These special coins are easy to use and do most of the work for you. Watch the Video


Stripper Deck Trick Cards

The stripper deck makes you look like you have amazing skill. A spectator chooses a card and replace it in the deck. The deck is then fairly shuffled but you can immediately find it. Four aces are shuffled into the deck. Suddenly the aces are on the top. There are so many tricks you can do with these cards. Watch the Video


One Hundred Bill Switch

What's a better use of your magical ability than changing a one dollar bill into a one hundred dollar bill? The magician takes a one and folds it several time. When he unfolds it the bill is now a $100 bill! The bill can be shown on all side and handed out. Even use this money magic trick to change currencies. Watch the Video