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Rocco's light from anywhere.

List price: $25.00

Our price: $19.99

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You can grab a red light from the air. Pass it from hand to hand. Put it in one pocket and it comes out the other. Make the light vanish and reappear. Pass the light through solid objects. Pull an infinite number of lights out of an object. Eat it and fart it out. I could go on and on there are so many things you can do with it. First off they are really easy to use which allows you to focus on the performance. There's such range in the routines you can perform with dlites that you can really make it up as you go along. You can make it funny, mysterious, or just mess with people. It's also a great opening trick since it's such an attention getter. D'lites have the two things that attract the eye the most which are light and motion. This endlessly entertaining and easy magic trick amazes young and old alike. Package include 2 (one pair) of red d lites.