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card on ceiling by michael ammar

The Card On Ceiling

By Michael Ammar

List price: $14.00

Our price: $12.99

The Card on Ceiling has proven to be one of the most impressive and talked about card effects in magic! A card is chosen, signed with a marker, and then shuffled into the deck. The deck is then bound with a rubber band so none of the cards can escape. The magician then flings the deck up toward the ceiling (as high as a 40 foot ceiling will work!). The deck comes back down, but now the signed card is stuck to the ceiling with the signature cleary visible. The fact that the card remains on display high above the heads of all who pass by, for months, forces people to notice and comment on it! This is a reputation maker.

Included in this kit is a long lasting supply of Michael's special formulation of the gimmick material and 5 pages of the routine.